You Could Start A Business Doing That

#3 - How To Sell 5-Figure Offers With Susan Rusalen

October 30, 2021

Met Susan Rusalen, a dental hygenist who decided to start a consulting business soon after her 50th birthday.

After 20 plus years in dental Sue had learned a thing or two so she decided to turn her talent for building dental practices into a consulting business called Talking Dental.

In her first 8 months Sue made over $80,000 and by her first year had easily cracked the $100K mark.

Now in her fourth year, she's on her way to seven figures. 

The secret... five-figure offers! 

If you've got a talent or strength you'd like to turn into a 6 or 7 figure coaching or consulting business then tune in.

You're about to learn how to scale to 6-figures and beyond by selling five-figure offers.

Find out more about Sue and her 7 figure hygiene system here:

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