You Could Start A Business Doing That

#2 - Train Your Brain To Win In Business With Toni Everard

October 1, 2021

Imagine having a brain that's programmed to win in business...

If you've ever been tripped up by limiting beliefs, felt like your own worst enemy, or you've bumped up against money blocks, this episode is for you.

Join me, Jodie Nevid as I interview Master NLP Trainer and Hypnotist Toni Everard.

Toni is one of the graduates of The Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy and now works as a coach inside the program to help our students win in business by breaking through the unconscious patterns that hold them back.

When Toni started out in business she felt held back by all sorts of limiting beliefs about business and money.

So, rather than let her fears keep her small and safe, Toni decided to step into a new identity.

Toni became The Master Trainer.

In this episode, Toni and I unpack the steps she took to start her business, how she made more money than she ever had before, and what it takes to create a mindset that makes doing all that feel easy and natural. 

Open your mind and get ready to train your brain to win in business.

If, after listening to Toni's incredible story you think I want what she's having, reach out to Toni and discover how you can become the master of your own mind.

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